Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 57 --Part 2

MOM!! i put my memory card inside my stocking with that one package that i sent you!!! so you better not have lost it!! hahahaha that would be way frustrating uhmmmmm ok so here is the downlow... i will be calling tomorrow sometime... i can only have a couple minutes to call so ill call moms cell phone but GUESS FREAKKINGGGGG WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM LEAVING NEXT TUESDAY!!!! ! and i got called to somewhere i dont really know where it is..... BATON ROUGE LOUISIANNAAAA!!!!! i cant believe it!! but my companion and one of the other guys got their visas so they are going straight to spain and then the last of the 4 is going to st g utah!!! anyways WE ARE FINALLY GETTING OUT OF HERE!!!! and im going to louisiana... so i just barely found out we are all kind of on a hype... uhmmmm so yeah my memory card was folded inside of my stocking when i sent that package home and then i will have a last box on one of the days before i leave sent to you guys with stuff i dont have room for / dont need. ummm im trying to think what else i need to say ... oh if it becomes available i would like a spanish ctr ring... hlj i think is the letters on it.. i dont know how long i will be in louisana from what im guessing it will only be about a week to a week and a half possible 3 weeks and then ... once i get my visa ill leave within that week ... so ill call tomorrow to you all and let you know my flight plans all i know is that i am leaving on tuesday morning!!!! its so unreal and then i will be able to call and talk to everyone after that at the airport or whatever ... anyways i am doing really well we had a cool expierience last night we gave each other blessings of comfort and had a district fast to help us with this last week and then i just got back from the temple and it was quite amazing like always ... maybe quite possibly the last temple experience for 2 years but we will see.. umm so im starving here and dinner is at 430 so that will change when i get out to the field i will have a normal dinner time again... as for espanol i got dads letter today.. you can let him know that i was able to read and understand the bishops letter in spanish i just skimmed it before sis dille cut my hair because i was late.. anyways i cant write personal letters this week because i dont have time to write them because dinner is soon and then i have class til 930 ... just know that you guys are amazing and i love the support remember to read in your scriptures and say your prayers and if that starts getting reduntant use PMG cause it gives super good insight on different things... i love you all todo mi corazon!!! ill call you tomorrow they say it will only be a couple min.. and then ill be able to tell you what time on tuesday i can call... i love you !!!!


What do you mean you are not calling me??? I have been waiting all day. Well he is certainly excited. I am so glad that someone else will be not going to Spain immediately and then that he will be able to go to Spain almost immediately.

Okay and in my defense about the camera card. He never told me. How was I suppose to know that he stuck stuff inside. It is So exciting.

I think he has really good instructions about our scripture reading and prayer. Way to go! Brad!!

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