Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 42

you guys are the best support ever. but i want to start off with something really really really cool that happened last night. so every tuesday night we have a devotional with a general authority so anyone from the 70 and up pretty much or like a general member like relief society and so on. so elder holland came last night and he gave probably the best talk i have ever heard in my life. he talked about the progression of missionary work and why it is so important that we need to be converted first and all this still like how pmg was born. he gave a story about peter when him and the other apostles didnt know what to do so they went and did the only thing that they knew how to do and that was to cast their nets ( aka go fishing) they fished alll night with no success not even one fish so there was a person on the beach that said to go on the other side and they didnt know who it was but they listened and were obedient and got more than they could handle, they realized it was Christ and they hustled to the shore as fast as they could Christ had seen how hard they worked all night ( side note real quick, this week i have been focusing on Charity and Love as my christlike attribute) and when they got to the shore they saw that Christ had made them breakfast that was really cool! but then he asked if the apostles love him and they said yes and he eventually said then drop your nets and feed my sheep. stop going back to those things that you know how to do and get to work so when the sheep come in the mission field and throughout the mission field we will be able to feed the sheep. Anyways that was pretty sick to see Elder Holland pretty up front and he gets WAY into his talks tambien.
AS far as all the other stuff is going spanish is coming along i feel like i have hit a wall with it but i can teach a very general first lesson to someone. its just hard here because with spanish thats all i know is with the lesson so if i try just talking to people then i cant do it but they dont focus on that here cause you can just learn that by talking with the people i guess. i dunno it can be quite frustrtaating.
Ya last night i had quite the memory (light bulb) i dunno. i remembered mikey was coming in today it will be hard calling him elder. but i might slip a note into his little pack that every one gets. That time went by super crazy fast ! but i guess thats kind of a good thing for me if its going fast in the MTC cause it is really hard.
I play volleyball during gym time with the missionaries that are going to the phillipines and i forgot to tell you who one of those missionaries are Josh Ostler (kolton was on my soccer team) they are way funny but they leave this next week so now gym will be boring cause basketball is not the best in the mtc. haha maybe ill play 4square .. can you see me doing that??
ANYWAYS ... i loved having the stocking i felt like i had my own part of christmas .. sorry for keeping it so long. oh and remember that some of the pictures are just for family use and the videos arent for the blog! haha a couple of them we just got bored on p day when the temple was closed so just keep that in mind. enjoy the pictures i have had a couple of letters that have said ryk dog has been getting big so that sucks that i am missing all the crazy stuff.

---Well, it is really nice that he is experiencing the opportunities to sit at the feet of the Lord's servants and be able to learn from those truly amazing men.

I'm glad that he is finding some physical outlet and I definately think that he should start playing 4-square. It is the game of choice for my second grade boys.

I, too, am excited that he is finding friends and seeing those people that gave him great support at home will be there to give him additional support. We love Michael Parry.

We are glad that he is having great growing experiences as well as some fun in the MTC. He is truly growing in the gospel and we are thankful for that.

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  1. LOVED reading this letter...SCott REALLY enjoyed the General Authority visits! He is loving the Philippines...Brad made me smile talking about the missionaries going there! Pass on to him to enjoy the MTC..The real world is just that..REAL! At times real great..but also REAL hard as Scott is finding out! The language will come...SLOWLY! BUT it does come! Come what may an LOVE it....Joseph B Wirthlin