Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 57

so i am going to keep it mega mega short this morning so i have time later in the noche. i need twistables green blue brown red dark orange light orage and yellow pink. i need my memory card back and maybe another one along with it ... por favor. pens, and mechanical pencils.. SO to the good news i get a reassignment tonight!! like 1 in the afternoon and i will be able to CALL YOU GUYS!!!! ok so the call wont be for very long but a couple of minutes the thing is its out last time at the temple here and that is at our temple time so the earliest ill be able to call is around 3 give or take. which means mom i need you to answer the phone when i call... and if other people wanna hear obviously i know its last minute but yeah.. ill be able to call at the airport next week so no stress really. anyways i got to go to uvu to see the consolate on monday which meant that when i get my visa in the next couple of weeks ill be able to just fly out from my reassignment ... MY GUESS IS florida... anyways i dont wanna waste my email time right now in case something happens later but expect a call on mommas cell tonight cause thats the only number i remember. you guys are the best and ill let you know the knews when i call... ill probab send a email later to let you know what else but i wanna save my time just in case something happens... love you all ... elder b.


I can't even believe how much excitement this generates for me. We get to talk to Brad. Yippee!!! We are so excited and obviously you can see how excited he is.... I guess the message from Natalie was a little wrong and they are sending him to a US mission until he gets his VISA. We are just excited that hs is moving on. Where is your guess of where he will go?

I think definitely on the east coast somewhere.

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