Monday, July 2, 2012

136 days left!

what a week! well with the heat and the eurocup people have been hard to talk to but we got a baptism! funmilaya and felix. they are a couple from nigeria. they are so sweet and were so prepared for the gospel. they have a cute little daughter named precious and a son named tobi. they are so funny. i love them. they are a great family. so yeah . then we changed mission presidents and he seems really cool. we will meet him on the fourht of july at a zone conference we are all pretty excited. he has already gone out with missionaries and met with their investigators and stuff which is really cool. he is younger and has a lot of ganas de ayudar. he is a stud. other than that we are just getting along great here in our trio. elder thornley will be with us til next week cause the transfers end next week and he is training so yeah just one more week then who knows what will happen . . .
 alright so this week i dont know the eurocup was crazy. tons of people just yelling and honking that was fun. we were in piso there was no point in leaving no one wouldve listened haha. so i read the book of mormon and we had a member text us when goals happened and stuff. even though it wasnt needed you could hear the whole world yell and boo and stuff. haha. but they said it was a shame game 4 to 0 in a final is pretty... rough.
so everyone around here is happy. i feel like there was so much to say but right now i just cant think too much. we have quite the week ahead of us. the weather acutally these last couple of days hasnt been too bad. we have been around 30 degrees instead of 40 or 45. i dont know the change i only remember that 40 is about 104 over there. they say that its supposed to raise up again this week to be about 45 to 50 ... its going to be insane. anyways im excited to meet pres. Deere. he is a champ and we are just on top of the world right now. anyways hope all is well have a great week!!! LOVE YOU!! KEEP SMILING! and try not to ruin the cars anymore.. i thought that was my job!:D

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