Monday, June 25, 2012

143 days left!!!!

so this week because we are getting more missionaries we got a companion we are in a trio. his name is elder thornley he is the same time in the mission as me and a really hard worker .. he is funny too so we are having a great time. so he will be with us for 2 weeks until he gets his kid to train. so that is exciting. umm this week has been one of the most frustrating because ... we lost practically all of our investigators because they all got jobs. we dont know what we are going to do its super upsetting but with the crisis and stuff going on right now its what they need too. so we will see what happens as far as all of that goes here soon. ummm. im trying to think i had a lot to say and i just lost it... haha . i bought a suit. all my pants have worn out. i honestly have walked all of my pants out haha thats nice to know. but it sucks cause i dont have clothes hahaha. just saying. and my shoes are pretty bad. but that will be cheaper ill just go to a zapatero. a guy that fixes shoes and itll be like 5 euros to fix so thats not as big a worry. just some of the mission life. neither of us three have slept very well this last nights because its been hot waking up at 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning just dripping sweat dehydrated and miserable. ive gotten up and drinking a lot of liters of water and then splashing water all over my body and standing in front of our fan until im cold enogh to be able to go back to sleep. it kind of takes a lot of energy out of me. and with the eurocup going on and the heat. not very many people are in the streets so a lot of walking around with no one out. haha its been frustrating but we are getting through we scare a lof of people with 3 of us haha its super funny though. i love it. i have found im addicted to 2 things in life. helping people and making people feel weird haha and contacting with 3 americans makes people feel weird and so i just laugh a lot. which also takes a lot of energy out of me. so anyways like i said we have lost a lot of good investigators. they wil all get baptized soon and the blessing we have been finding some really good people as well. so im in no situation to complain we are doing really really really well. we should be baptizing a couple this weekend it should go through . there arent any problems. except with the ward. they are africans from nigeria.. my first africans. they dont speak spanish and they dont have papers so its hard for the ward to hep them out. but we know they are ready and translation is part of life now. so haha. anyways we will see if that happens this weekend .. other than that life is pretty much the same. jsut tryuing to get t hrough the day and all. so i hope that your week is a great one!! happy end of june.. (so weird) and yes our president is leaving on friday. that is weird as well. but we are excited for presidente deere. we have heard a lot of good stuff from him and should be meeting him soon. haha anyways i love you all!!!

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