Monday, July 16, 2012

122 Days left!!

wow what a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im exhausted im just so tired. dia de diamonte was amazing we got a ton of futures in the mission we almost got 3000 which was our goal. not quite we got about 2146 but it was still so close! oh man. but the thing is we saw the temperature and it was 47 degrees. we were just like noooooo!!!! so we took out our phone and did the conversion so that we could tell you how hot that is... 115 degrees. trying to talk to people haha. my shirt was so wet with sweat it was gross haha but .. such is the mission.

 elder barney is a champion we are just getting along so great just trying to do it the best we can. he ends the same day that i do so we are excited for that. then... lets see we have had we dropped a family that was sad. we dont know if the two kids mom will get back this week or not yet so their baptism is still in process... kind of. thats just a frustrating thing. and then besides that we are just looking and teaching having fun. thats the life haha. anyways

so you met presidente clegg? that is really cool he is a great man! thats great that you went to his talk and everything!! that makes me happy. haha and carson THROWING UP?!?!?!?! i think that i will have a little bit of scared to go into that bmw when i come home i have only thrown up once in my mission and it was becasue of that stupid gespacho... its that season again.. i drank it once and i kept it down... barely hahaha. but anyways so we are working on that. but other than that. just a normal week. 

thanks for all you do!!! you guys are champs!!!! i love you! :D have a great week!

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