Monday, July 23, 2012

115 Days left!!!

well this week was really good not too much to complain about. haha. we got a handful of new people. really we are excited about that we will see if they go anywhere but its nice to have some new faces. we set some baptismal dates with a couple of them but we will see how promising they become. but its exciting. im super exhausted. i cant even describe how tired i am. just all over the place i feel like i will be home in november and will literally sleep for a week. haha but its ok. we are moving onward and upward. WE are excited for this week, haha today we are going site seeing. that is always an exciting thing to do ... feel a little bit like anormal person but its ok. ummm. i dont know what real exciting things have happened. we bought a jamon leg. haha we feel really spaniard! haha its so DELICIOUS! too. haha. raw pig leg that has been sitting in salt for the last 2 years. really nothing like it. haha. anddd. on sunday in priesthood the guy that was teaching said that the really obedient people are going to be the prophets kids and the non obedient ones are going to be chinese communist kids ( the obedience came from the pre existence) haha there was an elder translating and he just stopped talking. haha sometimes some of the things that come up in classes in spain are quite questionable. haha it got taken care of though so no stress.
i dont know what you really want to know. or anything i dont feel like there is anything really different. walking in the heat contacting and teaching .. thats about all right now im learning a ton and am still going strong so no need to worry. haha thanks for all you do i love you all!!!

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