Monday, July 30, 2012

108 days left

haha ok so i would just like to say that this week has been a lot cooler it has been like 35 degrees the mornings have been the best. butttt towards the end it started to get warmer again. 40 to 42 degrees and yesterday 45 which is 113 degrees. this week is supposed to be hot so between 45 and 50. haha carson and abby. ill go to your family vacations and you can come to sevilla and do missionary work :D  haha. i thought that was funny. andddd i thought the fire alarm was funny as well. haha. 

im glad you all got to get away for a little bit. haha and the funny memories. i dont remember who sent them but they were good ones i like the refreshners haha. they were funny moments.  haha. anyways life is going really well. news of the week is that jamilia came home from romania last week! so mario and marius are getting baptized this sunday right after church. we are really excited for that haha they have been waiting for like 3 months they were supposed to get baptized before i got to sevilla. but with all the family stuff going on.. so needless to say they are really excited and they asked us to do it. so we are working on that. other than that just trying to get people to listen to us. nothing really new there. 

but i was reading in jesus the christ this week i decided to read it this transfer and i am on the last chapter so it has been a great study guide haha elder barney thinks its better than the student manuel that they have .. anyways i was reading this week about the apostles and the way he explained pauls experience and how he didnt hesitate once he knew to be baptized and to fight . one of the lines that called my attention the most was that it didnt matter the errors of saul of tarsus because paul the apostle gave his all. and i remember hearing the talk by pres. uchtdorf about how people are waiting for that experience and i feel like we all have one that is great even if its great in our own eyes. its that change that is going on .. it was a cool way of looking at it. i dont know i thought it was interesting and he is one of my new favorite apostles and his story and how he didnt hesitate in following through once he knew about it. he is just a champion. anyways. that was my week. thanks for the love and support haha miss you all! have a great week!

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