Monday, August 6, 2012

101 Days left!!!!

ok well first things first! 

 Mario and Marius got baptized yesterday. they are amazing and great examples to so many people. we had a great time with them during the service that we had right after church. haha they were so excited they just couldnt wait any longer. we started to change after church and marius got so excited that his shirt was inside out haha he didnt notice and i dont think anyone else did either. but its ok. little minor detail haha. anyways mario as well started to cry when he was giving his testimony and it was  really powerful. they just are going to be such great members and when they turn 19 their dream is to serve a mission and go and convert a couple of 13 year olds too. so they have great desires. 
Also we have been working with some members and trying to get in to teach some of their family and stuff. well yesterday the mother of out ward mission leader(he served a misison in logan utah) made us some brownies and ice cream and we taught them. we had already done some service for them in the past and have a great relationship with them so now its trying to move into teaching them about the gospel and helping them see the beauty of it. so we taught them and they have SO MANY QUESTIONS! we love that as missionaries. man ask away. as long as they arent the typical dumb questions that no one really cares about. but she had some great questions so we said that we could pass by other times and for her to write down the questions and we will show her. we feel like we will need to use the bible a lot with her seeing that she uses it a lot with her religion but it wont be too hard to help her find the knowledge and the truth especially as she opens up and understands more and more of the restoration. she has a lot of questions about the plan of salvation and we are really excited to start teaching her daughters and stuff.typical. anyways this was a great week we are just having aa great time in this august heat. of death. haha its hot here but its not stoppin how hot we are.. we on fire haha. anyways im tired and we have to catch a train back to sevilla we are in cordoba today to se ethe mesquita and stuff typical apostate stuff that is cool to take pictures of. anyways. i love you all. keep on chugging the gospel is true! MUAH

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