Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 555

Sorry but he didn't send his new address. That is crazy! but it has been a busy week!

hey everyone so this week was awesome we had a good week. my comp and i are getting along great we are doing a lot of work we have 8 people that have dates for baptism our goal is to baptize every week and so far we are set up for the except for the 23 but this lady walked into church and asked us what she needs to do to be baptized so we are going to meet with her tonight and get that going for that day. we are excited we are growing and just getting a lot of work done haha. its so much fun. ummmm. lets see. i feel like i have so much to say but at the same time no. last week we just had to deal with transfers and then getting adjusted to the new area im really really excited for sevilla there is a _TON of work to do and we are just going to town. haha running around i feel like with the work and the heat i just havent stopped sweating its gross. but its nice to know the work is happening. haha. umm my companion is Elder Gibson he is from mesa arizona he is just like my new lover we just havent stopped laughing since we have been together. its helping keep the mood in a positive note. ummm we are finishing up taking everythnig out of alcala today and taking it to sevilla im excited for that . except there is air conditioning in alcala and there isnt in sevilla so its going to be a sucky summer i dont know how im going to survive with the heat with just a fan. haha anyways you guys are awesome i hope your week is amazing!!! keep living it up and being as happy as can be! loveyou!!!!!!

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