Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 562

ok so since its such a problem with the address and i dont even get letters from you ... :D haha here is our address here in sevilla..
 elder bradley
 C/ avenida alcalde juan fernandez #25, 8C
 41005 Sevilla (sevilla)
 just so if there are any problems there you go :D haha
lets see.... the two boys ended up NOT getting baptized cause of some stuff that happened in the family. we are going to go drop by soon and see what the deal is but they bailed the day before so it was a stressful week running around for what seems to be nothing. for now. but they will get baptized we know it. so no worries its just a matter of when. but while we were walking around on saturday morning this guy stopped us and not thinking really we invited him to church. he came and loved what he heard it was amazing and we had our lesson on repentance and he said he has been trying to do that for the last year so we are excited for him he says he wants to be baptized after coming some more.. he is spaniard and if he follows through with getting baptized will be my first spaniard that i will teach that will get baptized. ha its insane. so there are miracles that are happening. Elder gibson is my favorite companion to contact with cause he has such a good attitude about it and we just laugh off all the bad things that happen. he makes it worth while i honestly dont have more fun doing it than now.
WOW, i cant believe that we have 3 missionaries out right now!!!! That is insane!!!!!! and that is just in our ward.. its starting to feel like a normal utah ward finally!! haha that makes it like 6 missionaries that have gone that i remember. there was william taylor, the daughter of the thompkinsons jake and then me and now chett and darren. thats kind of just craziness. but its cool. the mission is the best i absolutely love it. anyways this week was stress full and the typical and more problems are happening and so we are taking it one step at a time. tomorrow we are saying bye to president and then getting ready for the new guy to come. we are pretty nervious. anyways. i love you all have a great week!!!!

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