Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

crazy crazy week..... oh man.
So last week this guy contacted us and he ended up being amazing we werent thinking to much of him he is a spaniard and he came to church the next day i dont know if i mentioned him last week i dont really remember but he is just the best man ever he is changing my life hahahe is so funny and he wants to be baptized so bad. he gave up smoking opractically already and its seriously has just been a blessing in my life after a week to know him. he  has such a crazy story he almost read the book of mormon when he was 18 but something got in the way and now he stopped us and he went on saturday to a baptism and it was for one of the pueblos so he wasnt able to see the confirmation so all day yesterday he was upset cause he wants to see the second poart.  he will get baptized and he is the first spaniard that i will be  a part of the baptism which is kind of big in our mission seeing as they are opretty closed off. but its ok they are opening up they are stopping from calling us jehovas witnesses so much haha and mormons which is actually good now.. we dont care what they say to us as long as they know who we are hahaha its just funny.  umm what else  the 2 boys arent going to get baptized until july now cause their mom wont get home til then. they are just the saddest ive ever seeen poeople be. they want it so bad and yeah. they love john cena haha so we get the info on the wwe haha they are the best ever.  and then the nigerians that we are teachin g. they are crazy. they are funny though pretty much i just am having the time of my life we are working with great people and we just laugh all day. but its so hot so its like the little things make us super happy haha and we are going crazy. the heat gets to us really really fast.                                 i mighit wear  a jacket all year round next year when i get home haha. anyways this was a really good week we  did a lot of service and it was good for us  a little bit of a change from the normal. but life goes on. this time right now is going by way too fast. i cant believe it. haha anyways you are all the best i love you all and miss you all have an amazing weeek!!!!

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