Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 548

alright i got a ton of things to get through this email in so little time. so ill try to get through it i honestly have like 5 minutes i got caught up in the blog hahaha africa opening up again how cool?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

it really is cool. so listen i am leaving this wedensday to get transfered. haha me and philly lasted a transfer together and we actually did A TON together! so lets start... this last week we just had a rollercoaster ups and downs and all arounds and every day i came home with a headache with all of the crap and drama of peoples problems. its ok though we got called on thursday and they are closing alcala to missionaries due to lack of missionaries. there are 13 going home this week and we are only getting 4. so for this next transfer there wont be missionaries. but you might be wondering whats going to happen with all of the investigators?? welll this last weekend we had 2 baptisms. Angela and Thelma both decided to  get baptized. try getting a baptism together in 2 days. and then another one in an hour haha. a lot of stress but they wanted it. we did not force it upon them because we were leaving they just decided it was a good time as well. so we are  really happy and releived. but you still might be wondering. but elder bradley you still have other people you are teaching. well im going to Sevilla. im going to be a missionary with a really good hard working elder named Gibson. he is funny i love him. the thing is we are taking over 3 areas now the normal elder area in sevilla. then the hermanas area because they are taking hermanas out and as well alcala. so we are going to be super busy now and there are lots of baptisms coming up with all of the work and areas and its going to come down to just good planning. haha i am excited and this week was just full of the spirit. we are happy and we are just working hard. the last 6 months is the time to really shine we know all the stuff and its just putting it to practice. and what better way to start than to just get going on everything haha. oh man. im so happy right now. and so sad cause im leaving haha but its not as bad as philly because he is going away for sure. anyways you are all awesome i dont think i have felt the spirit of helping people more than this last week. or the fruits of it. i am so happy and i know that through examples lives are changed. you are all examples to me and i am so happy and glad to be a part of all of  your lives. and to have you in mine. Spain is growing, people are ready for the gospell!!! and this is the truth! and i love it. havea great week! and dont go crazy with that new beamer dad. ... i might need to borrow it when i come home??? that would be a great birthday present :D

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