Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 541

alright I don't have that much time we are going to a cathedral today ans we are excited. It's still hot but it has cooled down a lot this week just to go up it rained yesterday and last night the thunder was really really really intense.  my comp was laughing at me because it was going a little crazy.  It as like 10 seconds long each  one and then with the lightning strike right after and then another 10 second was just craziness haha.  other news we work up to 2 slowly coming over my fear of little bugs and stuff.  hahah i didn't jump up on the desk this time just the couch haha.  a little progress I guess....haha so we are having good lessons on our part still but people just want to wait so we need to respect that but at the same time the reasons that they are waiting are dumb and not helping things but. if thats what they want. as well transfers are coming up I don't think I am leaving I don't know why I would but I have a little bit of a feeling that I could be leaving just a gut feeling thing so thats just what it is. anyways other than that we are doing really well. im excited to go to sevilla it is going to be a good day today. the time is flying by right now its gong by really fast just trying to do what we can.  haha anyways love you have a great week!!!!!!

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