Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 534

weelllllll skyping was the best! it was so great talking to you all! we are just doing great and the family loved getting to know you guys and enjoying the jokes and the good times haha they just wish that their english was better hahaha. and i was thinking about it i hope that my spanish doesnt sound like yours haha and if it did when i started well im glad i was in the mtc haha .just kidding its all jokes we all go through it. but it was great ... we are doing really good just the highs of the whole just finished talking  to my family dealio was just going through the roof. we are doing great all the missionaries are on their high stools right now haha there is nothing like family love and i am grateful for my family and the support you all give me through all the things that i have gone through in my life. . . its good that we have families and that is what is missing in so many peoples lives out here in spain.but its good. thats what we are helping them realize. but its ok.

today we are just going to go bowling and live it up with a couple of the other missionaries around here talk about the family and all the stuff that happened this weekend and stuff haha its a hot topic to see how everyone is doing and stuf haha we are pretty pumped. but i dont have much to say i dont like repeating myself too much we are just going on doing well. its super hot its just a problem that is going to have to be dealt with in these parts haha and the family i was with was just making fun of me last night cause it was so hot they say this is still nothing which is still imprssive to me cause its so miserable. i dont know why people choose to live here hahaha. anyways. 

 you are all awesome HAPPY MOM DAY!!! to all the mothers out there. you guys are the best! keep rockin it enjoy these last 6 months with out me cause then you are stuck with me haha anyways it was great t alking with you all! i love you!

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