Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 384

Okay so just for your info. we will be talking to Brad while our ward is having Sacrament Meeting but we had already planned to go with Portia and Lance later in the day.

Merry Christmas to all! Thanks for supporting Brad!


ok so here is the deal. i dont have much time cause i dont have much money to be on here longer i made a skype and i am 90 percent sure i added carson .. aka carseycars. haha it just sounded like here. soooooo next sunday 5 my time??? i dont know what your schedule for church would be butttttt i dont care because you didnt tell me and we have to make decisions. so i will be on here at 5 pm spain time .. which should be about 9 your time if i did my math right ... im hoping so but if not figure it out. im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha ummm lets see. its cold here now. humid cold which means im sick. cause i dont know what will keep me warm hahahaha. ummm im just trying to get important information out because i dont have much time. im doing good. im excited for christmas! ill be opening presents early!!! haha next year you will all be reminded of how it has been haha anyways life is good im happy we are getting along . nothing is happening here still. so i dont have any cool stories. but the new elder is pretty cool he just loves everyone. we will see how long that lasts haha jk he saw that that is why i put it . so reminders. Carsey cars. aDD ME AS A FRIEND .. or accept it or whatever. and then sunday 5 my time. we will be talking haha love you!! and if there is complications we will be in touch throughout the week . ok love you!!!!! bye!!!!!

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