Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 370

There is a nicer one on the mission blog but I couldn't get it to download to my computer.

hahaha today is going to be a good day. we are going to ride bikes around cartgagena and i guess just not be in proselyting clothes. haha dont worry. i will be taking a break from it when i get home just for a bit im hoping that not having to wear these clothes EVERY DAY will help out with that haha anyways we arent here to talk about this right now i still have a year left. anyways this week was good we lost a lot of investigators haha and then we won some back and we are having our trials but life is life and we are moving forward. haha we have been singing christmas songs since dec. 1st!!! im pretty sure my comp hates me and hates christmas but its ok ... he will learn hahaha its hard not to like christmas around me i mean cmon. opening presents at midnight?!?! im sure you guys cant wait to do that again haha. funny times. anyways life is good. im happy still so that works i guess thats the important thing here in this life. anyways i am trying to think. there was a baptism this last week. ward 3 the other elders baptized a girl. my first baptismal interview and that was crazy. haha then.... lets see pres. came to our district meeting and we talked about the moronis promise. and the importance of all three verses because so many times we just worry about verse 4 but we need to know about verse 3 to lead way to verse four and how it sets the frame of mind to be grateful for the mercies of the lord in our lives and in the world in order to pray and be grateful to recieve an answer whether its the book of mormon or which street to knock or anything really haha and as we ponder what we are learning and what we are meditating in our life is key to recieiving an answer to the book of mormon and that answer only comes through reading while we are reading. but im happy and well and i dont have much to say now .. i hope the preperations for your christmas parties are going great!!!!

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