Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 377

hola todos.
this week was agood week. we still have nothing going on. no one is really letting us in no one is really accepting anything and plus we are starting to go into the holiday season. and whoever knows anything about the white bible where it says sundays and holidays are the best to go looking for people. welllll... its not even the holidays and we have been contacting every single day. haha no one wants anything from us. yeah the families are more together and they are off of school and what not but that doesnt mean that they want to americans knocking on their door. haha its kind of frustrating but its what it is. i dont know what else we can do. so lets see. why was this week a good week still? well. our only investigator that we have that we were about to drop, accepted baptism for the 30th of this month. haha so there is something to go off of. he is a mexican and he speaks almost perfect english . its actually really hard because he wants us to give him the lessons in english and i cant pray in english anymore. it takes too much brain power. so that is a little hard. i fumble the words more in english than i do in spanish ahha. but its only one investigator so thats not too bad and really there are a lot of people that speak english in the neck of the woods. life is good. i guess. we will see how this transfer goes. my good friend elder phillips is leaving this wednesday. so i wont have my go to buddy haha when we need to talk and stuff but we will see how it goes. life is good though really we are having fun.

they gave us our christmas schedule . it seems pretty good. nothing too crazy. we can skype though. the only problem is we are looking for a place to be able to do it on the 25th . none of the locutorios are going to be open that we know of so we are looking for members that have the stuff the ones that we thought would have it werent at church yesterday so ill let you know more the next week. just so that we can be on the same page. ummmmmmmmm lets see here. if we cant find any place to skype i will give you the code and our number and we can talk about when you guys can call me ok :D haha but im sure we will find something.

this week was good this week that is coming should be alright im happy so dont worry about me hope everything is going well.. love you all!!!!

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