Monday, November 28, 2011


Just a little explanation. As I was raking leaves this week, I asked Carson to help with the bagging and she was complaining about the hard work it was. Her comment was "Wow, I guess Brad did do some work around here because I never have had to bag leaves before."


I just wanted to start off this weeks email saying THANK YOU!!!!! i know it would take a while but im glad im finally getting some appreciation for the things i did at home... hahahahaha i honestly laughed at that comment that carson made that wow brad actually did stuff while he was here. haha just one of the things or maybe its jsut that im so tired right now that ... haha ummm yeah its just funny cause im tired. but i dont think thats why.
ummmm i hope the holidays were good for you guys. i was talking to an elder in my district that has the same age as me in the field and we were just saying how much better thanksgiving will be next year because spain doesnt beleive in ANYTHING american. really. like no turkey no stuffing no pie no nothing . we can get the stores mashed potatoes but it doesnt even taste like mashed potatoes it just tastes like waterry .... nothingness haha i cant even describe it. but. its come and gone so there is no need to worry about it anymore. ummm im just trying to think . i complete a year this thursday. which is kind of intense. i got a call last week from our mission president and he asked me to change my district meeting from tuesday to thursday so that he can be there. thats not pressure at all. i dont know what im going to teach. last week i had a story about a missionary in his first day of the field that got rocks thrown at him .. he threw a rock at the telephone pole so that it didnt cause problems cause he was angry and then the people started having competitions with him to throw rocks at the telephone pole. well we all have rocks in our lives it could be our companions it could be our families it could be our job or our calling in the church but as we focus on giving the "rocks" to the "telephone pole" or christ then our focus changes and we help others put their focus on him as well.
something to think about.
this week i was thinking about talking about the converting power of the book of mormon but we will see. and yes it often feels like im just a babysitter here as a district leader haha and some of the things that happen in the companionships just make me laugh. they really get mad at eachother cause one wants to go contact and one doesnt... anyways its the life. and i love it. im happy and time is just going by so fast right now its insane. but we have made it a year and we have less than that to go which is weird. anyways keep smiling and keep being happy you are doing awesome!

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