Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 353 Happy 20th Birthday Week

Here is the picture that I got this week from a mom in the ward in Cartegena. I guess I have to be careful what I ask for. Thanks to Sis. Richardson who was so accommodating to my son.

Of course, he turns 20 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Brad!
wellllllll, this will be the last time you talk to me as a teenager. know what that means? good ... cause i dont. all i know is that im so tired. and that i am so exhausted. i dont think i have ever been so tired in my life! haha lets see what happened this last week . . . we walked a lot. i contacted a lot of peoploe (my comp doesnt like it so he doesnt do it) and we passed by a lot of people. well someone contacted us in the street. we went over a different day and we ended up putting fechas with them . a mom and her two daughters. THEY EVEN CAME TO CHUIRCH!!!! haha wellll apart from that we found out that the mom might not be married... our curse. no one is married. it sucks to be a missionary in that situation. sooo now we have to tell her to marry the guy or leave him. which sucks butttttt its not as bad as it has been in the past. sheeee has 2 daughters and they can still be baptized soo 2 still.. they should be on the blog in a couple of weeks. but dont stress ill keep it on the update.

im trying to think i dont know what we are going to do today we are just going to go eat at 2 as a district and then we might go see a castle or a roman museum or something that sparks the interest at the time... did you know the first submarine ever made was in cartagena? thats what i hear. but i dont know how good my spanish is in cartagena (every area has a completely different accent so its like starting all over again with the learning process of a language) haha

ummm my birthday tomorrow :D thanks for all of the love and support i know its hard with me here in spain but... what can i do haha im glad you like the picture that family is from england and the mom reminds me a lot of ours. just no excuses go to mutual. haha good thing i was on her goodside :D haha ummm life is ok we are progressing. we are getting in the direction we need to go so i cant complain elder anderson has been sheltered his whole mission which sucks so i am just giving him responsablities i dont know how much he likes it but oh well i dont care anymore he is older than me he should learn to grow up. but for the most part we get along alright he is ... different but i dont have a problem with him we are just getting him to do the work. thats the most frustrating part. but we are getting better so im happy.
District leader is alright just some more responsablity and keeping track of the missionaries doing what they need to but there arent major problems here so im happy haha anyways life is good im happy im a teenager and we are going to ball it up out there i hope you are all happy and doing great thanks again for all the love!

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