Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 360

so becasue we are missionaries and what not we are celebrating thanksgiving day today. SOOOOOOOO

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me out here.
Thanks for all the family and friends that have been praying for me.
Thanks to mom, dad, Portia, Kelsey, Carson, Abby and their families.
Thanks to Everyone else in the family.
Thanks for the people that listen to the gospel.
Thanks for the people that give us their friends to listen to the Gospel.
Thanks for the Book of Mormon and all its teachings.
Thanks for the gifts of the spirit.
Thanks for all the good memories,
Thanks for all the good weeks and good days,
Thanks for the chance i have to sleep and to study and to teach.
Thanks for the people that have been changed by my testimony.
Thanks for all the emails and letters ive recieved,
Thanks for the gospel in my life.

i could go on and on and on and on. but you are all amazing and i am more and more and more grateful every day to be supported out here.

The area is going well. its just been hard to get started cause the last elders didnt do anything .. im learning to hate irresponsiblity. so we are starting from nothing and working our way up. its been a long week this last week. we had 4 dates for baptism that we have set with amazing people who cant go on with it because of family members and stuff. soooooo we have no investigaters or antying really right now. ... but that doesnt mean there isnt good things happening .. we are happy and healthy. and working ... its harder in a big area cause there is a lot of time for travelling from place to place and trying to be on time and everything but the work is moving along. we are celebrating thanksgiving today and then there are some other people doing it on thursday that we might go by and visit haha. its nice having power to decide what to do. ANYWAYS.
live is good we are happy i missy ou all and i hope you guys enjoy the holidays with out me .. haha have a great week!

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