Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 219

I'm not sure what he is thinking but I am not mad. He just needs to learn these life lessons and I am sooo thankful that he is learning them. He is a great kid-- always has been and this will just make him better.


buenos dias
espero que el dia este bien. y que esteis disfrutando las fiestas! haha life is going over here. there are miracles happening left and right. not the miracles we exactly want but who will say no to a miracle. yes i am sure you have heard mom say "oh my gosh im going to kill him" or mumble under her breath "what is he thinking" but yes i can admit i was the biggest idiot and lost my camera with all my pictures that i have taken so far. but life goes on. we cant dwell on the past. SOOOO....
lets talk miracles
1. emelio is a man who hates life doesnt like it pretty much doesnt wanna be here anymore. he... SMILED for 7 minutes straight. the reason i think he stopped was cause his cheeks hurt a little bit. haha it was SO AMAZING. he comes to english class and i changed things up. it was my lesson but you knwo how i get bored with books andeverything so i decided we are here why not. lets sing songs. but what are the ONLY songs missionaries can sing? so we went to the piano opened a hymn book. (sister stiman thanks for teaching me what you did on the piano sorry i didnt learn more) but we picked out a song and wen with it . i am achild of god first in spanish next in english . the spirit was so strong. then we said THANK YOU!! kind of like the one lepor. thanky ou emelio for changing my life and being the example i need. oh my gosh. its amazing how something so small and simple changes peoples perspectives in an instant.
2. we spent an hour talking about pre earth life with a family. so stressful but to see that the family realized that they knew eachother before this life and that they had the opportunity to be together forever brought SMILES to their faces.
3. we went with a member who to a lesson and the lady at the timbre said she had to shower we waited 15 minutes and then she shut the door in our face saying come back later. cause she couldnt do it. he was like holy cow i dont know how they do it i was a little upset with it because that was wasted time but the Elders had big SMILES on their faces. what an amazing testimony.

i just want to say this. even though we have trials in out lives. car accidents, arguements, not recieving emails from the family, or losing a camera. its ok. if you look for the littler things and PUT A SMILE on your face. you will see SO many more miracles in your lives. keep doing the things you need to .. i miss you all!!! havea great week!

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