Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 240

Here is the latest from Brad!! The Jake mentioned in the email is his friend, Jake Snelton from Orem.


well this week was good we met a black guy from boston haha he was the first guy we saw and he was like are you guys american? and i was like yeah and he was like what part? and i was like im from utah he is from washington and then he was like im from boston. and i tried to get more out of him so we talked. and then i was like can we get your direction and he was like yeah so he gave it to us and then he was like if you guys ever need a drink.... of water or anything yeah you got a house there!! man I LOVE AMERICA hahahaha oh man ... it was so funny so we passed by again on sunday and saw him sitting on a bench and we gave him a book of mormon and taught him about it and he was like wait you are from utah right? and i was like yeah he was like i used to like your team down there and we started talking jazz. and we were talking about karl malone john stockton jeff hornaseck and all of that ... elder rencher had NO idea what we were talking about haha elder rencher isnt big on sports he doesnt really know ANYTHING about anything so yeah it was funny and then elder rencher and i last night were talking about the superbowl and the only one he knew was seattle and pittburg when pittsburg killed them haha and he was surprised i knew.. it was so funny. he thinks its a waste of time.
anyways this week was a good week. my foot is getting better kind of haha i mean i guess im just getting used to how it hurts cause it hurts but still... i dont know and i have hamstrings that are bad haha i dont know... its all these trials its just so amazing i love them and the reason i do... i am going to give you guys some homework . Elder Paul V Johnson more than conquerors through him that loved us. MY FAVORITE TALK.. read it. spare time if you are busy. JAKE GOT HIS MISSION CALL TO ARGENTINA!!!!! he sent me an email that was pretty exciting news. haha but other than that things are still going here nothing much to report this week .. i am excited for the camera and all of that jazz thanks so much for everything you do! love you!!!!! let me know if there is anything i can do to help!

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