Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 226

Funny Story -- I was talking to someone this week and I said that Brad was having a struggle in the area that is in because he probably isn't able to just smile and get people to do things the way he could here at home. From this letter apparently I am wrong again. But I am glad that he is using his skills to get the job done. And by the way-- he has NEVER read "Tom Sawyer" as many times as I have tried to get him too. So that is just a hilarious reference. Happy Days!

hola todos.
i hope your holidays are awesome. here. they have holidays it seems other week. and its summer vacations so every thing is REALLY SLOW!. haha umm we are doing good we had presidente and hermana clegg this last week as you coul see on the blog. we had to teach them and we had our interviews. afterwards we talked and elder rencher and i are thinking that he will be leaving on august 10th. but we will see. there is no absolute there of course but this is his 4th transfer here so we will see how that goes. umm this week was another hard one. not many people could visit with us so it was a great big week of looking for people and trying to get the little members we have excited to help us. haha. umm we are still doing everything we can. i think. i mean it might be something little that we arent doing haha but yesterday it was funny elder Hatch our district leader i was giving him our numbers and we were talking about whats going on in our area and he was just like "This is a great learning opportunity i mean you will be looking back on this area when you have 3 kids and your wife is sick and you have financial problems and be like man ValdepeƱas was worse i can get through this" i know as a leader he is inspired over us as missionaries but i really dont want him prophesying things like that hahahaha it was obviously done in a little bit of a joking matter. anyways you are all awesome keep living the life. enjoy it all keep reading your scriptures and praying and all of the stuff you need to. life in spain is going. its kind of actually going really fast ohhh... and quick side note the guy lastweek that smiled for 7 minutes striaght HE SAID HIS OWN PRAYER!!! haha i dont know how iwas able to get him to do that but i did. it was amazing!!
oh and the compliment of the week. Elder rencher told me that i remind him of tom sawyer. haha which. i take as I AM VERY SMART!!! haha he says he is baffled at how i get people to do things for me and everything like that haha. i think its an art. haha but a secret for those out there who look to me as an example. if you make it SOUND better than it is people will think its more FUN than it us and its all a mental game out here. for example dont call it contacting. call it go out and make a new friend or meet people. dont call it planning call it getting ready for tomorrow .. dont call it praying call it having a conversation with someone who cares. dont call it bring a friend to the capilla call it be an angel and help give miracles in other peoples lives .. dont call it painting a fence call it THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!! and then share it! haha :) love you!

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