Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 233

Here is his email for the week! Always excitement wherever he goes!

Thank you for your emails!!
haha you guys are so funny and mom... why are you trying to ruin my tom sawyerness.. i just read the blog. haha super funny and yes so true. but they dont need to know that haha. umm things are good here. so i have had another "trial" now dont get worked up.. i have nothing more to lose haha i didnt come with much our here. buttt. i had to call the mission nurse. i was walking down the street and i just wasnt able to walk anymore. we dont know what happened but we sat down on the bench and gave the mission nurse a call up and he was like what??? haha he didnt know what happened. so he gave me some stuff to do for my foot. ibuprofin and ice yada yada. well.. he said its he thinks its an enflamed tendon or something in my foot. i am good now we just had to do a lot of wobbling down the streets this week. haha it has been a funny week. something as well that we started doing were tender mercies journals and we right down all the good things that happened in the week which has been a blessing. its starting to help me be just more positive in all the days. even if it feels like the worst day ever. haha its been a blessing thats for sure. always looking at the little good things and not the bad things at all.
alright we are going to pause the story. we are right now in the youth center here at valdepeƱas and we dont konw what happened but elder rencher just lost his camera. ......... uhhhh i am sick of this place right now, they are calling the police right now. haha its such a hassle. the lady saw that he had it in his hands and so they are calling the police and they are probably going to come and then its going to be a mess with everyone. haha oh the stories of the mission.
oh man. anyways. things are just a trial right now. for dads questions. its just a branch there are only like 10 people that come to church and its vacation times so thats how many are at chuch counting us. the president works crazy hours so its hard to do anything . the elders quorum consists of just us as the missionaries and like one or 2 others. all the active members that we have live in a pueblo that is 30 min away by bus. so its hard to get them to come and do anything with us. its not that we cant and they dont want to its just the way the circumstances are. and we cant do any stake activities because thats an hour and a half away and people here dont have cars. so its just a lot of thngs going backwards and stuff.
ok update. the police arent really doing anything . they just showed up and they are just kind of acting like .. well your out of luck. but they are searching people now. so i dont know .... this is one of the things i dont like about spain right now. but i love it sometimes. just dumb people.
ok well i dont have a whole lot of time. just know that i am doing well and that things are going. oh and we think elder rencher is leaving this transfer because he has been here for like 5 and a half months its about just his time. oh man ... ok well the way this week is starting it might be really interesting haha everyone is yelling now.. i love it!! alright. have a great week!!!

Email #2

ok well i dont konw what to do as far as pictures go.
i can look for a camara here or whatever, i just dont know how much money i have on my personal card
ummmm let me know? ha or whatever you have in mind so that i can do it and get it done. ok i love you!
keep being the best mom!

Alright already. I will send you a camera -- Are you impatient or what?

Email #3

they just found the camera in the bathroom and they are yelling at the 2 kids haha YES I LOVE THE POLICE when they get mad at the kids areound here but its found haha no worries. life is better now! hhaha ok for reals now love you!


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