Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 212

alright i dont have a whole lot of time becauase we are at a different locutorio so i cant go over a little bit so this week will be short and sweet haha sorry!!!!!! ummm lets just say it was a good week it was a solid week.. im super tired because we have been working hard but man.. im just tired haha my zone leader told me that that is a good sign .. which i wont argue with it jsut sucks haha. umm we taught a lot i got a romanian investigator who thinks his heart isnt clean enough to pray so i just did what i was taught.. repeat after me. and he did it .. TWICE .. its so funny causeill say gracias por el Evangelio and he will say .. eso es ingles haha its super funny. another guy doesnt want another book to read so what we do is open to a verse and he will read it and ill say do you understand or what do you think or how do you feel.. he usually says yeah it makes sense i dont feel anything i dont want to think so ill just say keep reading haha elder rencher and i thought it was funny i dont know why i was just like keep going. haha umm the most frustrating part of the week as always... the dreaded sunday. NO ONE COMES TO CHURCH so we are working on new things to do. and yeah we are just fun and happy and excited to keep going. sorry its short its hot and i need to go buy my food for this week. i miss you all tell everyone i say hi. tell jackie she has to write me a 3 page handwritten letter. by august first. haha anyways ill write you all next week. this is always the fastest hour. haha send me pictures and letters!!!!! i want to see you guys more!!!

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