Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 191

well this is fun. we had an interesting week. first of so everyone is on the same page. a pueblo is just a little town. i dont know what to compare it too. but its like 20'000 people which is a handful but its still not that many. we walk from all sides of the pueblo every day at least 3 times a day it takes about 20 minutes to get from one side to the other. we kind of give uup on saying we are the missionaries and try just saying hi to people so that we can at least talk to the mabout something. many dont want anything to do with us but if we dont bring up gospel things then they talk to us more. so having the advantage i just talk about futbol. and yesi know that spain beat usa 4-0. and that nadal beat federer in the tournament. the only things that are ever open around here are bars and they always have the games on so we just poke our heads in and ask them haha. so its nice lets see what else. Elder rencher and i argue like every day but in reality it brings spice into our lives here. we have a timbre so if anyone ever wants to get in they have to push our button kind of a thing ... WELL... our piso is pretty cool we have a camara so we can see who is down there. well this device has a power button. so i can turn it on from my piso. one day for spanish study i figured i would talk to the people at the bottom. it forces me to use spanish and they actually talk to me. So i turned it on and turned on the sound. but i thought i would have some fun with it. SO.... i see the guy opening the door with his key and i say "hola señor como está" and he says he is good and i say .. look i have a problem. i seemed to have lost my keys. are they down there? and he looks around and goes on to say no. so i say well are they on the ground? (dont forget i see everything he does on the camara) haha and he says no. so i say its really important that i get my keys. (i see on the camara this lady walking by) so i say look my sister is coming will you at least open the door for her? so he says ok. haha and i say she is wearing a red shirt and her name is maria. so he talks to that lady and she has no idea what he is talking about and keeps walking so i thank him for his time and let him go.
it was the best spanish study i have had in valdepeñas. haha but dont worry. we are still working hard too.
elder hamilton is my zone leader and he was giving us aride home ontuesday from district meeting. and he ended up putting the wrong gas in the car. so we got home late that night and on friday nobody of our 5 set citas could do it and nobody that we passed by could do it. so its been a great week. we are just continuing on growing as a companionship and trying to figure our what this place needs.
our rama has 5 solid families. 3 of which are just couples. haha there are about 20 members in our rama (counting us as missionaries) i think yesterday we had 11 people at church which was a lot. haha it seemse like. but yeah anyways we are just chugging . im always tired i didnt know i would have my legs hurt from walking around all day. haha anyways i hope all is oging well!!! love you all!

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