Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 198

Yes they listen to black music

hola todos.
espero que estéis bien. this week was a rougher week. but no need to fear haha im still happy. its just frustrating. thats all. and dad that was a cool story. but... i was just thinking about the walk and talk idea. great idea. but there is no where around here where people can just gather around kind of a thing like that. plus we would need the members and all of them live in manzanares which is a 25 minute bus ride away from here. so yeah. but mostly there isnt like a nice place like grass.. i havent really seen grass since ive been im spain. haha it doenst exist except on the futbol fields. which is ok. haha anyways we will continue working.

Lady making hankerchief
lets see. this week was probably the worst of my mission. no one wanted to listen to us. haha but the funny thing is elder rencher and i just went crazy. its funny how when you have a goal to get done and it seems like life or death to get done (teaching 20 lessons) so that people dont call you (like the ap or president) and think that you are just screwing around. but haha you just find any way to teach a lesson. its amazing the ways you can get people to listen to you. haha. we see peopleup in their windows standing on their balconys and we just start talking to them. and if they say they arent interested ... oh well we start with the first lesson right there. .. so far no success doing that . but its part of the life haha . so the moral of the story .. keep your head up in the hard times cause you dont know who will be higher than you can see that needs the help still. if that makes sense.

Elder Esponja
im just trying to think of things we have been doing. thats out of the norm. i cant really think of anything too crazy yet. we kind of just go out and try talking to everyone that wants to listen its pretty much if we can get in the door we usually get an invite back. its just getting in the door. and finding the times that they can do it. haha
just keep doing what your supposed to be doing. keep working hard with all the stuff but dont forget to have fun. .. for example as a missionary. im sure all the returned missionaries know. but the others might not. contacting is THE BEST. usually you wouldnt think so. i love contacting in the street because you can make it SO MUCH FUN. and you get to talk to some crazies. all the bums in the street love it when we walk by. they always say hi to us and have a smile on their faces haha its cool. or this other time i was talking to this lady and she had like a 2 year old girl in a stroller and I was trying to get a choca.. or a high five and she wouldnt do it so we were just laughing and then she gave me one of her chips. haha when you have fun with something or if you make something that you dont like doing fun then man. its the best ever haha
anyways life is good. time is flying its weird. haha
anyways i love you all!!!

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