Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 205

Sorry this is going up late but he didn't get it to us until later today! Usually it is in my inbox by about 4:30am but today it was 11:40.

ok well this week was really good. im glad you all see that you can believe me when i say im doing good that i am doing good. but if you need to see the sick pictures of me with elder esponja .. thats ok too hahahaha. ummm lets see.. we had a great week i dont really know what to tell you we just taught and walked. a ton .. my legs hurt my ankle is dead haha but im fine. i promise, THANKS FOR THE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha i forgot the feeling that peanut butter has of sticking to the top of your mouth! i missed it! haha umm oh the other thing.. we walked into piso yesterday and there were flies EVERYWHERE it was super nasty .. but dont fret we took care of it. since we get home and 10:15 anyways. lets see.. haha Portia.. thank you for your flashlight haha because i want to explain what we did. we have 2 rolls of tape. we put the tape on top of eachother with the holes in the middle and stood the flashlight up shining towards the ceiling ... we got a glass bowl and filled it with water and went to bed hoping that the flies would be attracted to the light and die in the water. IT WORKED. all the flies that were on the roof and stuff in the morning were all in the water. the reason i explained so well is because i forgot my camera chord so i cant send the pictures we took haha shame shame. anyways if you have fly problems it works. haha. ummm
im glad life is going good the days are totally mixing together i kind of dont know what to say to you guys its hard to keep track of what has happened. we are trying to work with the members but its hard when they live so far away.. they life in membrilla which is another pueblo we can only make it there as missionaries one time a week. um to give you an i dea its like driving from home to moms school away. haha so yeah its kind of hard to work with the members but we are doing the best that we can.
we were in ciudad real today for p day and went to this .. i dont even know what its called a random lake in the middle of no where but its like a tourist spot .. again the chord to my camera.. but it was way cool and im way glad we did it. umm other than that we need to get out working soon so im going to wrap up. thanks for all you guys are doing to support me out here. im having fun and the stories are amazing. let me know if i can do anything for you guys. haha its just hot out here thats my biggest problem is keeping the energy that i need to keep going. but its coming i might send a letter to my mission president to ask if we can go UPS status and just wear short dress pants haha we will see how that goes. anyways. other than that i dont have a whole lot to say just a lot of work to be done and a lot of trying to get in the doors. haha its nice though if you ask people for water they let you in and then you sit down get to know them and then start teaching but yeah my time is like out .. i love you all!!!!!!!!

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