Monday, May 30, 2011

Hola in Espanol - 6 months

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 months! but officially on June 1st he will have been gone that long. Sometimes it feels like it has been forever and sometimes it is like where has the time gone. I'm just glad that he is learning things.


ok well im going to start off with the exciting fun story of my life this last week and if i have time move on to the other stuff. So. this week was hard. all we do is contact and just try to get in with some people. its amazing the things that you do when you have abolutely nothing. "Hey! Lady! have you heard the news?? there is a living prophet today on the earth! would you like to hear more?" ha yeah that was me doing a contact and yes i did say that. haha. so anyways i thought i would have some fun. Elder rencher and i had absolutly no money. we were breaking into our emergency funds so that we could buy our food. and we have a dishwasher in our piso here. we ran out of dishsoap for the dishwasher but we had the palmolive style of hand soap so i said lets put that in the dishwasher. i wanted bubbles EVERYWHERE. because that would just be so exciting and yeah. i dont know. so i filled it up with some soap and he started freaking out about how i was going to make a mess and i was just so excited. so we started it on the intense mode to get some love going for us. it went through the whole cycle and no bubbles. ON THE OUTSIDE haha so we just took that as a bummer it worked .. it actually cleaned the dishes and yeah. what a bummer. it went how it was supposed to and didnt give us a cool story at all. then we opened it and there were bubbles on the bottom. there were more than we expected haha but still not exactly what i was imagineing(with the whole kitchen full of bubbles) so it had worked a little bit but wasnt a mess that i was looking for.
Umm. We had a couple completely different experiences in one day (yesterday) we went to this guys house and he let us in and we taught him lesson 0 which is just introducing everything and then he said to come back. we went to this other ladies house and she was finally home and we were just saying how we wanted to share our message with them and her husband was like why. i like what i have and he said i know what all the religions have to offer and i said do you know what ours has to offer? haha he said no. what a surprise. so then i said what we have will bless your family and he said will you be giving us money and i said look we dont have money and he shut the door in our face. ha. it was pretty interesting.
anyways as far as that goes. im calling this portion of my mission the learning face becasue the most im getting out of this area is studying. so maybe thats what it is. cause im not seeing much else. anways i hope all is well keep doing what you are supposed to. keep reading keep praying keep being who you are. because your example is what people see not the words you say.! love you all!!

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