Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 177

Got an email today.

This is what it said.

Hey sorry it's late:

c/seis de junio 44, 3'B
13300 Valdepenas (Cuidad Real)

is my new piso, FYI

Sorry that its been a while. we had the travelling ap´s with us and so we didnt have a p day this week. so we are taking it this week. my new comp is SO MUCH better than my last. we have a good relationship. he just wants to be a missionary which is really good. its just hard because he always has to be doing somethign but he never makes the decisions. technically im the senior comp but i dont know the area and he is always like well what do we do now? i have no idea so we go and contact and stuff. he is really excited to do the work. but he runs like everywhere. even on p day. haha we had a talk today. i said Elder. we are going to enjoy valdepeƱas the one day that we can and we are going to walk slow and do what we want to do becasue all the other times its different. he has a hard time with walking slow. he worries about all the little things in life ha its funny and it just reminds me of when i started with elder west. ha we are really really good friends we have already opened up and shared a lot about life. we just have different views on missionary work. so we are learning. its just once something comes up we have to do it right then and stuff and i feel like we are annoying a lot of the investigators that we have so we are slowing down a littl and just working with what we got. eating the food we have on the plate and when that is to a pace that is controlled go for seconds. if that makes sense. i love elder rencher (my new comp.) its just the travelling ap´s and myself think that he needs to relax a little bit and it will start coming together. he is a good example to me. i just... this is the hardest thing i have ever done. this last week all i have been doing is contacts. thats it .. i only taught one lesson the whole week. and in the contacts we are contacting people we have already contacted. haha its kind of funny but its just they dont want anything ... NOTHING.. from us. and its frustrating. we go out and serve them and ways i never would have thought of because when you have nothing to do then you start getting really creative. its still not working. im having a hard time but i think im learnign a lot too. ummm.. im trying to think of what else. the earthquake we found out by reading a newspaper on the bus but i didnt feel anything. life is good . im in a little pueblo the members that are active are strong. thats good. but we dont have much going on. i dont think my legs have ever hurt this much in my life. even with soccer . ha i think its funny. but i gained a little wait in malaga and ive already lost what i gained there here. we walk EVERYWHERE and the members that are active live in a different pueblo. so we dont eat with the members here so we cook our own food. pretty much it has just consisted of peanut butter and marmalada sandwhiches. which im already sick of.
in all seriousness im doing good. just tired a lot and what not. frustrated but elder rencher is a good missionary. thats all he wants to do and i get caught up a lot. man i just want to be brad still. haha im still working hard its jsut yeah haha anyways im doing good really. dont worry too much
keep doing what you need to. keep spoiling the girls .. cause thats all thats ever happened haha and then spoil me when i come home. i have been talking to my comps about my dream man cave. you know we have a lot of time to talk about a lot of things seeing as we are always together. so i have some pretty specific details i want for that .. anyways love you all!!!

Well, I guess the good news is that he didn't make a wrong turn and end up in France.
At least I can stop having the worry in the back of my mind. He successfully transferred. This is coming from a mom who on her mission drove to the mission home and exchanged companions, every time I transferred. I checked out his apartment on google map and it looks like a typical Spanish town. It looks a little poorer to me than Malaga but I think that he is having a great time.

Happy Days, he is safe.

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