Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 160

First I have to say that it was sooo good to talk to Brad. It was clear, no delay. He was worried about that because we only have the cell phone. Probably the funniest part of the whole thing was when Abby was pass the phone to Kelsey, Ryker grabbed it and hung it up. We all just sat there staring at each other but AMAZINGLY Brad figured that out and called us back. I can't even begin to thank the family that hosted them in their home and let them call from there. It was just great to hear his voice and know that he is doing good. Sometime his emails are a little sketchy. But anyways here's the latest installment from Brad:

yesterday was a great day to talk to you all. it was kind of weird haha i wont lie but it was good. it helped me a lot. ha you guys sound like you are doing well. thats great to hear. things were rough the last couple of weeks but one of the biggest things i have learned over here is how important the family is. ha when you get people together who are a family and they arent .. i dont know how to say it . cuando no hay amor. when there is no love. in the home then it makes it harder. but as we share with them the things of the gospel you can see how they start to want to spend time together. they dont know how to have a family night or anything. so the first month or so we spend family nights with them . we have the message we bring the snacks (we make rice crispies super yummy still) haha and everything and they loveit. they cant wait til the next week when the elderes come back (some times we are called misis [meesee´s] ) just because they are happy then. and soon they start doing it on their own. and you can see the change that they have in their home. cool experiences. umm. its hard to send an email the day after you talk cause its so much easier just to say hey this is whats up or this is whats buggin or this or that but its ok.
On saturday we were fasting again cause we often do that as missionaries. haha and we were focusing on 2 of our fechas that we have a mother and a daughter. and the week before we had to teach the gospel principles class and it was on the fast. (we havent taught them the word of wisdom) and we found out that the mom was fasting to stop smoking . ALSO the daughter was fasting so she could have a better relationship with her mom. and we were fasting that they would come unto christ. ha what amazing ways the lord works. she also asked us to come by on thursday. so if nothing else that is going on. thats happened lately. haha and in the last 8 weeks we have fasted 6 of them to have something and it reminds me of in alma. 5: 45- 46 i have fasted many days ha. yeah sometimes you have to fast a lot to get things going .. was well as working. and the hardest fast of my life was on saturday. we ended up closing the kitchen door and putting post it notes to help remind us haha. but yeah . anyways we areexcited for the work. Elder masterson and i talked last night .. pillow talk..super cute i know. and we were just talking about how all the members loved elder west and the relationship i had with elder west how it helped the work. and i think he has just been jealous of going to every member and having it not be about us. or him. and the thing im realzing more and more is how crazy it is and how much more people like you when its all about them. people want to feel wanted in this world. maybe thats whats missing. ha . so its something i will work on more .but like i said elder west is my best friend. ha i like elder masterson but he is still upset that he had to leave his last area and stuff. anyways.
keep doing good read your scriptures .. enjoy the normal life.
love you
elder b

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