Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 153

Well to all the mothers in the family. yestererday was mothers day here in spain. so Feliz Dia de Madre! i hope that when you celebrate it you will enjoy my voice to accompany you guys. i will be calling it will be around 9 in the morning for you guys. IM SO EXCITED!!! can you believe its almost been 6 months??? right now it feels like it has gone by really really fast. but dont forget there are the days that are slow too haha im running low on time. but the work is good here. just oging slow this last week because of the transfers. my new comp is named elder masterson he is from california. brea is the pueblo he is from there its right by los angeles. The first thing that Elder west taught me is every missionary has their own way of working. we will see how it goes. anyways. sorry its short this week. I MISS YOU and i LOVE YOU ALL. ill talk to you guys on sunday!!! BE EXCITED hahaha ok anyways have a good week, its rained like every day this week so its super humid. it reminds me of utah like every 2 hours its a different season. we just skip winter here haha ok love you!

He also sent a second email.
I told him that I wanted to live near the Mediterrean because there is no snow and we had snow on the ground on Saturday.

you want to live near the mediterrean? haha ok ill go back to utah then. haha then i can sleep. haha im so tired. this whole week has been people failing us and not being home and stuff and with transfers its hard to figure out what to do because he doesnt know where anything is or who any body is and so we just go to the people i know and go by antiguos and everything . its just frustrating . he is in love with video games and loves to sing. he walks so slow but the thing that i do to help out with that when we are running late is just tell him to tell me about a video game and as he is talking slowly start going faster.
That makes me laugh that ab just picks out the shrimp. she would love the "Paella" here it is usually made with shrimp. its super good too.
finally more males in the family. its about time. and let me know whats going on with that
carson won?? hahaha thats good!! thats super funny how she would have wrote different stuff down hahahahaha that makes me laugh i dont even think i wrote down the real stuff.. oh well .. good for her.
there have been posters for hop all over here. on the bus stops and stuff. so i know what your talking about a little bit.

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