Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 146

Ok, so they dont say easter here they just call it the resurrección.
Ok lets start off.. Semana Santa. They dress up in wierd out fits and carry idols of jesus down the street and play music and cheer. it was super weird. so i dont really know. it kind of just throws the bus routes off and we had to walk everywhere and kept getting lost. But that wasnt super bad. its just everyone knows who we are. the missionaries have been in the area long enough .. everyone knows so it was just hard trying to get through the crowdsd when no one would really let us. ha but thats about it for semana santa. its over now. and yeah.
I hope Easter was good. i miss the food but im glad that every time there is a big family get together i get a great update on everything you ahve been eating. i usually eat rice with some kind of meat. usually pollo. with a salad or something. but they cook everyithnig with EVOO its on their food pyramid with equal importance to fruit and stuff. kidna weird. haha. So Carson emailed me and said that Texas roadhouse for graduation??? what is this? that definitely isnt tradition. GOODWOOD!!!! thats my vote. haha not like my vote really matters right now anyways hahaha
ok bad news. ELDER WEST IS LEAVING ME!!!!!!!!! we found out as a surprise on thrusday because apparently there are like 10 new kids coming in so people are getting moved mid transfer all over the mission. i was pretty sad when i found out. but the funny thing is how all the members want us over all of a sudden haha its like they cant and then they find out we are leaving and its like wow why havent you been over before?? hahaha its funny. im trying to think of what else... oh im still going to be here of course but my new companion is Elder Masterson. i have heard some..... i might have a rough transfer or two. but im not too worried about it. thats just what other missionaries have told me.haha ill be fine no stress.
im trying to think i know i had something but i really just forgot. haha do you know how stressful that is????? its actually more annoying than stressful because ill remember after we leave and write it down for next week and then forget why i had it for next week. HAHA OH I REMEMBER..
ok so we got the letter from Pres. today that said mothers day in spain is the 1st in the states is the8th. here is the situation. You guys need to call me. i dont know thats just what the email said. but the thing is. i dont know where we are going to be we can go to a members house and do it there and give you their number and stuff. or we can do it at the capilla. but this sunday isnt enough time to get the times and numbers so i was thinking on the 8th. yeah. ummm but the other thing is we have baptisms scheduled for the 8th as of right now. im kind of thinking they wont be ready by then but you never know with baptisms. soo this is what im goin to do. when j master dre (elder masterson) gets here ill have a chat with him talk with the members and find a time that is best for the 8th. ill email next week. and then you all will just have to go with that time. haha sorry thats super harsh. but thats the way its going to be. so dont plan stuff for the 8th (usually i dont say this.. but even if its church) haha ok and i dont know what the time difference is anymore with daylight savings and stuff like that. so yeah anyways. something super important ... more info next week ok?? ok.
well mom ill send pictures in another email real quick. LOVE YOU ALL ... keep smiling. email you next week!!

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