Monday, October 22, 2012

Gabraltor and 23 days left!!!!

so today we went to england. i bought dr pepper in pounds. i saw africa. anddddd i had monkeys on my head. thats pretty cool right?

we had a good week overall. just some struggles that happen in the missionary life sometimes but inah is going to get baptized this weekend and we are very excited for her she is a great lady! haha just a ball of energy and love hahaha. that sounds weird but she makes us authentic filipina food which is really really good and with 4 missionaries we can never eat it all. its soooo goood though. anyways umm yeah we are doing great things inah is our only investigator right now but sometimes thats how it goes and we can only see her on the weekends . inma the spaniard is doing great and we are going over to her tomorrow. but thats a party as well. anyways i just wanted to make you guys jealous that i had a monkey on me haha and im cool and i love you all ill have a good baptism story next week! love you!

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