Monday, October 8, 2012

38 Days left. What???


so i know that you are all wanting to know about what we think about the new age for missionaries and everything, well this is what i think if it was there when i was 18 then, i would be home for almost a year now. haha. i think its a great idea because there is so much temptation that happens from the time people graduate from high school until they leave .. in my time so it would be good to get out earlier.. we will see what happens from here on out now. haha. 

So other than that it was a great Conference i really enjoyed it .. it was my last one as a missionary and we are getting a lot of revelation and inspiration for this last little bit and for life. i love conference and really enjoy the spirit that is felt and the opportunity that we have to listen to our leaders. 

we have some good news coming out of Jerez. We are having a baptism this Saturday for Inma. she is a spaniard and is just progressing right along. she really enjoyed conference and has enjoyed the spirit that has been felt in our lessons and everything. she doesnt understand a word that she reads out of the book of mormon but she opens up and reads a couple chapters anyways every day..she knows that someday it will stick with her. haha. it reminds me of when carson would read harry potter with us and pretend to read it and out of no where in a couple of hours she would have it done haha. its good though. she loves us. 

As well we are working on a case that sometimes happens. its when someone gets baptized 25 years ago and the form for the baptism gets lost due to inactivity or sometimes they just get lost. basically what that means is its kind of like she never got baptized and gets the opportunity to do it again..... so we havent told her yet that there is no form for her old baptism and hopefully with her as well we will be having another baptism coming up. she is a great lady . she makes us food every saturday night and its SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODDDD. she makes a lot too. haha. but its ok. we love her. other than that we are just trying to stick with the program. life is going really good. Elder cooper doesnt stop singing. haha. but its ok... im sure in a couple weeks we will have a comp inventory about it ... haha. anyways have a great week! love you all!!

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