Monday, October 15, 2012

1 month to go!

Hello family,

Good news from home, tayler and Gabe are both working on their papers now?! thats way exciting! good to know that they are taking the prophets advice and doing the right thing. you just learn so much on the mission its incredible. but so true. anddd yeah, its been a great week to say the least. my companion is crazy. he never stops singing. sometimes we have to put little limits. like if elder cooper sings in the next 10 minutes he has to buy us a cake. and he doesnt want to do that so he doesnt do it haha its a nice little win win situation for me. haha. no he is a great kid. 

We had a wonderful baptism this weekend. Inma got baptized. my first spaniard and she is so grateful for the chance that she has had to be baptized into the church. its amazing to see the change in people and see the gospel bless their lives. and she is just amazing. going strong . she gave her testimony in church and it was a powerful experience. im proud of her and where she has come in such a short period of time and she is just willing to learn really. 

In other news. Ina is doing great we broke the news to her that she needs to be baptized again. we were kind of worried becuase the last 20 years she was with another church and she never got baptized with them and then we asked her and she took a deep breath and said ok. then she got really excited and wanted to know who was going todo it and we gave her the option and she looked at me and asked me to do it. Something that has been special for me, i got to baptized inma (my only spaniard) and i will baptize ina my only asian. haha. they are really special people too. big testimonies and they love us.

I am learning a lot by being out here and its really weird that i only have a month left but its true one month from today. its starting to cool down a little bit here but we are still in short sleeves. anyways we are just having a blast and working hard trying to find the elect cause they are everywhere. im grateful for the love and support! have a great week i love you!

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