Monday, October 29, 2012

A baptism and 17 days left!

wow, it was a really really good week.Inah is so funny. she is in germany now with her family but she will be back on sunday. what a crazy girl and just fyi i was the one on her facebook she has it on her phone haha. so i said hi through her but it was me .. haha im so funny. but it was a great baptism. she should have put pictures up on facebook so you can get some from the baptism haha. im going to miss her soo much. and she is going to make a mango cake for my birthday before we leave here . she has such a big heart. so yeah. 

then we are working for a baptism of a couple on the 10th they arent marrid like everyone else so they want to be baptized so we will see if we can get them seperated to be able to live the law of chastity. until they can get married which is a process.. butt they will be able to get baptized. its going to be a struggle but we will know this thursday. anyways. life is good .. its ending soon. i feel good about it . we still are going strong . so dont worry about that. im excited but i dont really have a lot to say . haha anyways i love you all! have a great week!

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