Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 457

so i was in madrid last week and i didnt have time to do emails so i just told mom i was alive so that you all wouldnt worry. so i got to go to the temple and it was so amazing. it was just what i needed right now i miss the temple so much. i did it all in spanish and the person i had to talk to was french haha so... not going into details it was hard and frustrating haha. i feel like its been WAY TOO LONG since ive gone. . . dont let yourselves get that way.
we had to go to madrid cause mendoza had some paperworks to get done. spain is weird. when you have a kid you have to look in their dictionary of names to put the name. sooo his name is jhonny and in the dictionary they have johnny so he had to change it so he didnt have any more problems. kind of frustrating but its ok anyways.
i have some news for everyone. im ... leaving cartagena. i dont know how i feel about it. i love this place so much . buttttt such is life i guess. im going to a pueblo or a little city in the "state" if you can call it that .. the region of sevilla. its called alcalá de .... something. i dont know haha president told me alcalá but everyone around here says something else so ill get more info next week . lets see.
thats about all the exciting stuff. it was a suprise to me to be leaving buttt like i said . oh well. im going on wednesday i leave at 915 in the morning i get there at 630 at night. a long bus ride im not too excited. but oh well.
my new companion is the first on that i know before im with him he is a cool dude so im not worried im actually really really excited to be with him and i have only heard good things about hte area. president told me im going to a house not an apartment and its pretty much a mansion. its the biggest house in the mission for the missionaries so its about time a get treated like a king haha. anyways life is good im happy its weird that its march already time is flying by cartagena feels like a dream haha but anyways im good. ill talk to you guys next weeek! love you!

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