Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 450

alright this will be short and sweet this week because i dont know what to say but as i go ill probably ramble enough to make it sufficient. this week i saw the importance of a lot of things. little things that have been making a big difference. haha . like always. its always the little things there is a talk by elder holland that is called the tongue of angels. in there he talks about how our tongues are little things compared to our body but they make the biggest difference im trying to remember because i dont have it written down but there was a scripture i want to say in peter im probably wrong its probably matthew but it talks about how the horses have a bit and the things that steer the boats are small but they make a huge difference when turning and stuff. its always the little things that affect us the most. well this week i noticed how small talking the sacrament to people is for us and the difference it makes in their lives. more for the people that cant do it for themselves or come to church and the importance of visiting those we are supposed to well our bishop came with us to this man and his wifes house. that we give them the sacrament every week. they dont ever leave the house because the husband had a motorcycle accident years ago. and is mentally handicapped. well not super bad but bad enough slow to speak and it costs him a lot to keep a conversation going. well he told us how great it is when he is able to take the sacrament and how the missionaries have helped him and his wife, the wife has been having problems taking care of her husband so long and not being able to leave and do the women things she needs in her life .. gossip and stuff haha talking basically. so we invited them to come one hour every week to sacrament meeting after some doubts they accepted and we will see them next week. we are really excited for them though he saw the importance of going to church and letting his wife have an hour a week to be among the members of the church and how he can sacrifice that for her to show his love. it was very powerful to see what really the understanding of a child does to us. so many times we talk about how young joseph smith is and all he did and how the scriptures say that we need to be like children humble meek submissive well i was thinking about that. the people that dont really throw fits about going to church are the kids. i think they understand the importance of going more than others. in the sacred reverence sense. i understand they cant pay attention as long as others and that that comes along with time but looking at the primaria kids when the sacrament is being served they really try their best to be the most reverent. it was just a cool experience. its been so long since they left and its going to be a great testimony to so many members that its possible to endure to the end.they have never given up hope in all the process since the accident its amazing.
we have some good investigators coming out of the woodworks just good people wanting to learn about jesus and how he can bless their lives. we are starting to get more support from the members and starting to see slowly the positive attitudes coming back. we are doing good we are happy i dont think i have been happier in my mission and i think that its ¨harder¨ now than it was in valdepeƱas. but its different i dont know whats changed. mendoza is a boss. we are having a great time working hard and just loving the people. dont forget to do the little things decisions made today effect what happens tomorrow. you guys are awesome thanks for all the support and love have a great week!

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