Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 471

This week was really cool we live on just hills. its kind of crazy but we have been running back and forth and everywhere to get to citas and stuff. i hope i lose wieght haha. ummm its really hot here kind of... but the people say its still nothing i wear a sweater because it gets cold at night and its pretty windy here. buto ther than that its just super hot. i might die this summer haha ill be ok really though. we have been busy. i have to do my residency stuff so its been kind of a hassle to go to sevilla to do it but i should have like one more stop there this friday to get all the final paperwork done and then just wait til the do it and im done with it. ummm there have been some cool experiences that have happened. we did a contacting activity in sevilla on saturday and we went on exchanges iwth other missionaries and i was with an elder in my district we decided to split up so that we could contact more people in this park. there was this lady sitting on a bench who was praying to know if god existed because of stuff that was going on in her life and she finished and lifted her head and saw my companion she then said if this is you God have him talk to me and he gave her the first lesson right there. it was cool to hear about the experience. then when we were planning on saturday night for sunday we couldnt think of anything to do on sunday night. so we just left it blank and said that we would do contacts if we didnt think of anything. not the best but. its what we felt. so we called in our numbers and had about an hour left. we thought of a member to pass by. they werent home and so we were getting ready to do some contacting and i thought Jose maria. he is a man that was excommunicated and the girl he lives with is a romanian recent convert. they are really nice. so we went over there and they let us in and they thought we were sent cause they didnt go to church. we talked to them and then Cristina the girl asked about one of the references she had given before i got here we talked to her and she wants to be a missionary so we set up a time to do a noche de hogar with them and set that by general conference they have 2 people for us to teach. they are really excited then they asked for a blessing he is sick and has a hard time sleeping at night so we gave him a blessing and he said he felt very inspired and he was glad that we listened to the spirit to go and visit them last night. the lord works in crazy ways. its like in mosiah 4.9 beleive in God believe he created all things beleive that man doesnt comprehend all that God comprehends. People are ready for the Gospel and they are everywhere. look and pray forr those opportunities. i love you!

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