Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 464 -- New Address

ok. first off. Abster. dude. you gotta stop sending me forwards i dont read them anyways. ok?? thanks :D second. Alcalá is super awesome!!!!!! here is out address.

C/ avena 7
Alcalá de Guadaira (sevilla)

its super pretty. we have our own chapel! there are a lot of hills! im going to get in shape here haha. especially when we get the work to be to the point where we have to run every where. we have already started doing that a little bit but we have a little bit of a ways to go. we are super happy though. the only problem is that the ward is a little negative. ive noticed that a lot here but we are just going crazy. on saturday we set a baptismal date with this lady . we are excited for here. we have 3 dates for baptism now andddd we got this kid who didnt want anything to do with the church to accept going on a mission. so we will see where that goes as well.

umm today we are in sevilla we are pretty excited .. no hills. haha andddd super pretty lots of things to see and we are going to play soccer on grass. its a rare opportunity. to play on grass. haha. so yeah some elders have talked me up to the members about being goalie and stuff. people i dont know have brought it up its an exciting thing. so today at 330 its going down!!! haha we are so pumped and there are kids in my zone that played soccer in utah with me. ok well against me. i dont really remember them but they remembered me from provo and stuff so i guess its kind of cool. we are going with some of the hermanas to plaza de españa .. its kind of a big deal around these parts im excited to finally see it. haha.

Alcala is cool my comp is awesome we are going to have sucha great time together there is so much potential here and we are just going onward and upward i guess the quote of the week is.
you seldom come accross anything more enjoyable than a happy person.
keep that in mind. we are good. we are happy we are going to change this place. haha love you all thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!! MMUUUAAHHHH

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  1. I was in Alcala de Guadaira for several months on my mish. Probably in spring of 1987. We played a lot of soccer in the Castle interior on the dirt. What a great place that was.
    We had a little 70 yr old member lady, Amparo, who lived in the same little apartment complex and took care of us.