Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 443

I'd been bugging Brad about sending me pictures. So he went a little crazy on Sis. Clegg's blog.

IM kind of really exhausted this week. it was cold in malaga like it said on the blog but it was a lot warmer than here so then i came back and just got sick its not fun. But i learned a lot there. and i am learning a lot right now about how pride precedes the fall. people are making decisions right now that i guess the affect us as far as the work goes but not to the extent of more than just feeling sorry for them not choosing the right. and i wanted to share something the pres. Clegg shared with us. the difference between simple and easy. its simple the gospel. its simple to have faith enough to repent and to be baptized and to get the spirit and to endure to the end keeping the commandments. its simple but its not always easy. for example people get in the habits of taking the lords name in vain. its simple to know that we should respect that but once caught in a habit .. how hard it is to get out of it. or keeping the sabbath day holy. sometimes its hard to sit in church for 3 hours i know for me it hasnt always been the easiest thing but its so simple to say. i mean if you think about it when you ask the youth a question what are the answers? i doubt they even pay attention to the question cause they always say read pray and go to church. its so simple to understand buy how easy is it to gut up a little bit earlier and read for 15 minutes out of the scriptures or to do home or visiting teaching? its only one time a month!! haha it seems so hard right now but im sure ill have those trials when i get home .. haha and its probably because im in the missionary mode and all im doing is making visits the only thing holding me back from having the visits is the people not letting us in. its simple to understand but its not always easy to do. Everyone has their trials that they are trying to work through we all have our weakness as it says in ether but how beautiful the atonement is that we can through jesus christ turn these weaknesses into strengths. life is really good right now. most missionaries say is hard. all we do is contact an pass by people and get rejected and repeat and repeat and trying to find different ways to do everything haha its ok though. life is good we are chugging. i dont mind it at all. at the beginning of my mission hated doing contacting but something i have learned to hate doing more is nothing. id rather go and get yelled at and laugh at them because of how funny it is than sit around in piso and do nothing haha. Life is phenomenal right now we are so good!!!!! we are progressing as a district and just overcoming our own weaknesses making it the best that we can! i love my mission i love spain its so much fun. and i love being bilinguel haha spanish is actually teaching me more about english haha its kind of cool. mendoza is amazing he is probably my favorite companion and we are just excited to go out and get people to accept us this week. HAppy valentines day!!! live it up this week! love you all!

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