Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 290

Sorry about not getting the email til today. its we had specialized training and we didnt have p day until today so yeah. just keep chugging we are here working hard and having so much fun! haha. ummm i dont really know where to start but we just had an amazing week! things are slowly slowly slowly coming through. slowly, haha its just incredible how slow i mean i have had pancakes with more syrup than how fast things are pulling through now. but they are pulling through. and thats what we want.
Well, we started off the week getting a new phone because we had lost ours. that helped a lot, then... we found a girl named monica who we had met before but kind of forgot about her, she told us she has been waiting but we have gone by a couple of other times, we will see if she progresses, as well we found another girl. named isabel, we found her on saturday and she came to church on sunday and she just loved it.. a lot. so we are going by today and it was just so incredible having people come to church!!! haha the other thing is that our branch president told us that we would have hardly anyone at church we didnt have 7-8 of the actual members there but we still had 23 poeople at church i think that is the most i have seen here we could have had 30 people almost all of the seats were taken! haha super crazy. then yesterday we have a yhouth we are teaching named santiago, he has kind of been always there his parents cant get baptized yet but he can, we had a fecha but lost it then last night we went over and he told us that he decided to read and pray and that he asked if the church was true and if god existed and he felt good afterwards, he also said that he feels like we actually care about him, like the other elders have been there but like with us its different. so we could be seeing some amazingness coming up here soon in our area.
yesterday we had specialized training and pres. clegg was with Elder bednar he told us that elder bednar stood up and for his lesson or whatever its called in english (spanish- taller) he just said ok whats your questions and talked for 3 hours on just the questions that the mission presidents have had. haha its been incredible. butwe are working hard, the days are meshing together like crazy i think i ask 5 or so times a day what day it is, haha and lately i have been writing in my journal a couple of times a day thinking that i needed to start still haha anyways funny moments, im trying to think of what else i can say.
OK well because of time those are the stories you get. things are going great, the final thought that i have comes from yesterday when Hna clegg was talking to us she said, Everytime we share our testimony the Lord is telling us he loves us too. so just because baptisms arent coming in valdepeñasright now or the last 4 months all the testimonies have been the love for me and it goes for you guys as well so give those testimonies!!! haha miss you all! and love you alll!!!! have a great weekª!

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