Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 283

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone is enjoying Brad's letters. We are! We love to see his growth and his attitude. What a great guy!


im super tired right now, haha its jsut so much happening and getting done. this last week was one that was testing our patience but its something we all could work on. we lost our phone almost lost our keys to our apartment. haha just to start off. then trying to do thw work with out a phone is nearly impossible. but its still possible just a little more grampa rands in the stride. then. its a festival of vino here in valdepeƱas they are known for their wine here. haha so a week and a half of that. but the thing is all the people are out all night and sleeping all day and are practiacallly drunk the whole time. but its their party. so its been crazy. haha just running around trying to get everything that we needed to . haha but we got everything done and we are still alive. and kicking and screaming.
Elder Triana is a beast still. we are having so much fun, we have the same mentality and my spanish is getting better. and we can see where valdepaƱas can go we just need to wait for the people to see it too. once they have that vision this place will blow up. haha. we are working hard and having fun. this last week went by fast even though it had its trials. i think every day something had to be changed 180 degrees haha just the luck of the draw. but this week we are excited . its weird that its already september 5th the days are meshing together i dont think that i knew p day was today this morning haha. but dont worry im not completely insane yet. haha.

We were teaching a kid this week. about our age and he was asking about opposition. well lets just remember satan doesnt want this to be happening and the days that are the hardest probably are the days most productive. just remember those examples we have in our lives.
thanks to EVERYONE who is supporting me with prayers and love and whatever else they are doing. tell everyone thanks (mom you know who specifially) and spread my love to everyone. i miss you all and im doing well. this week was a week of learning haha. this week will be better. i hope it is for you as well! dont forget to read and pray the lord is ready waiting for us to do our part!

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