Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 275

ok almost 9 months?!?! crazyness!!! i still cant believe it. anyways this week has probably been my favorite week of them all we are just having so much fun over here. Elder Triana and i are just laughing and doing it big. its just a thing of attitude. and we had a lesson in priesthood yesterday from the talk from presdent uchtdorf your potential your privelege and it talks about the priesthood but i want to change it from the priesthood to life. because the girls can apply to this as well. one of the things i was thinking about is choosing to be happy no matter how hard it is. you cant change the circumstances really that are around you, the thing that makes the party fun or the activity fun is if you say man this is SO MUCH FUN! i mean thinking back and all the youth activities we did a lot of them were fun because we decided to make them fun. it was this decision. Well i was thinking about this a little bit. why do some people think that life is amazing and others think its horrible? living here in spain i mean my eyes are opening up more but really... its not that different we are all humans a lot of us believe in God. and are into the same music and books and movies. whats the difference? are we looking at the glass half empty or half full? we worry about what we dont have when the things we have equal out in the end. so i was thinking and this came to mind.

Life begins when we choose to utilize our agency.

lets think about this this week how this can help us be happier and more loving. Also read the talk tongue of angels by elder holland. The language that we use could be some of the most important things we do in our lives for good. we dont need to worry about bad because when we have an attitude that is positive we dont want to do the bad. so we wont focus on that. Elder Triana and i are doing our best. things are starting to spring up here in ValdepeƱas we are happy and working hard.
The reason this week was on of my favorites is because it just worked out everything we planned worked out. we dont know why or how we got it to be that way but we just felt unstoppable. it seemed like every person we stopped and talked to gave us their information and a return date to go back . we jsut seemed to be flying high on faith. thats really what it was we have just been leaving every day knowing that something crazy is going to happen.
just know i miss you all and i love you all. keep being those examples that you need to be. haha like mom always says remember who you are! haha i hope all is going well with the family with the newbies and whatnot . port, congrats on the kid. like i said before he will take after me and be a BALLER!! haha anyways i gotta go sorry its short this week. short but profound. i love you!

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