Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 125

¡Hola todos!
yo espero que todo esta bien con ustedes. Aqui esta todo bien. La conferencia General fue un poco diferente porque todo fue en la capilla y no en me casa como los años pasado.
I hope you enjoyed it and got what you were looking for from it. Before conference i got a little bored with studying about baptism so i studied in the Doctrina y Convenios. more about why we have conference and the importance of it. it was fun to read and learn about that just before. i had more animo for it. I loved a bunch of the talks that i was able to listen to (because i wasnt able to listen to them all obviously with the time change and curfew that we have) but i loved the one about where it talked about the women of the church and the important roles they have. In my life with you all mom and sisters you have a played a HUGE role for me in the examples you have set and helped me keep on track in my life, and i am super greatful for that.
Another reason i like conference so much is to hear what kind of themes they have for us. they talked a lot about Children and coming like childeren. they talked a lot about our Examples to others and the way that actions speak louder than words (3 nephi 14:12 and i only have it in spanish with me but it says this "..cuantas cosas queráis que los hombres os hagan a vosotros, asi haced vosotros con ellos.." do unto others as you would have them do to you) and that was kind of a big topic. they talked a lot about Faith Hope and Charity and the importance of those and how they work together (moroni 7) They talked a lot about exhertion and sacrifice as well. And the last them i remember is personal dignity. in my personal studies one of the things that impacted me the most is that we have conference do sustain and do statistics and to hear the voice of the Lord for the things that we need to do until the next conference. and the lord sends voices of warnings in many ways. home teachers missionaries profets. and when people dont listen to their voice of repentance he sends earthquakes and tsunamis to catch peoples attention. (i was using the DandC study guide and he said missionaries are like lighting that was pretty cool) but i was talking with elder West during companionship study and we were talking about how the Prophets in Josephs time were more open with deeper doctrine and stuff and how now what do they tell us to do? more of the basic stuff like have faith be baptized live the gospel keep the commandments. It was just an interesting thought.
Listen to conference, read the talks. Just like the Book of Mormon when Mormon was putting it together. He was inspired to only put the important things on the plates out of all the information he could have put in. why did he put in what he did? its the same today. out of all the things that theProfet and apostoles can talk about why are they talking about the simple things? My favorite parable they talked about was the one with the golden flecks. Make sure you arent skipping any. and dont live below your potential like the parable of the Cruise ship.
Dont worry about me. im doing Awesome. you guys keep doing what you are supposed to and the Lord will bless you! Todas las cosas en nuestras vidas tienen proposito. Las pruebas ne estan en vano. Ellas estan para ayudarnos con la conocimiento que necesitamos para ser como Dios.

Gracias por sus ejemplos para mi. ¡¡Que Dios les bendigas!!
-Elder B.

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