Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 132

We're not sure if his pants are falling down or he just doesn't know how to dress. It's about 6's. Haha And when did he get so tall!?!?!?

It looks like changes are happening in Malaga. In the mission president's wife's post they had 14 missionaries go home this week. So that leaves some very new missionaries to step up to the plate. Read on:

Hola familia,
Gracias por el apoyo que me dan. this week was a good week .. we set 3 fechas for baptisms this week. im teaching my first black guy. he is from nigeria. he is golden he will probably be baptized on easter. ummm we also set fechas with a brother and a sister who are from paraguay but they didnt come to church so thats frustrating. that really is the ONLY problem and the ONLY thing that is holding them back from getting baptized is just coming to church. other than that. ITS HOT HERE!!! its like 93 degrees F here 22 C i think something like that. plus the humidity. it sucks way bad in the pants and shirt and tie haha.. butttt the people here say that its not even hot yet. im like dying i wake up de hydrated and have to work all day and stuff. i havent been feeling the best with it but im still adjusting. so dont stress its just the energy level to walk up the hills around here isnt at my highest point. so yeah but Elder west and i are working hard.
We had our intrevistas with Pres. Clegg last week. He asked Elder West if he thinks im ready to start trainging and Elder west said yes.. which i dont believe. i cant understand the poeple here. The speak a crummy spanish. haha when they arent drunk its a mumble. and they cut words and stuff so its hard to know what they are saying.. just imagine when we are talking to the drunk people. haha i get lost really really fast. they just dont open their mouths to talk. ummmm he also asked me in my interview. i said i was here to do what the Lord wants me to do and if me being 6 months into my mission training someone is it.. so be it. but there havent been any official declarations on the subject. just a thought. lets see. i dont know when transfers are cause we have like 10 or so new kids coming in 2 weeks which is in the middle of the transfer. so pres. told me that we dont really run the 6 month thing right now with everyone going home and all the new kids coming in. more than half the missionaries in our mission are under 6 months. which is crazy.
Im glad to hear that everyone has enjoyed conference. it was really a good one. i enjoyed it lots. and yeah as far as i know. thats about all i have.

oh the only thing i dont know is when mothers day is.. for you guys cause the holidays here are different. i dont know when anything is. but as a side note to that. Elder West and i were thinking that we would just give our families the number to the capilla and have you call us. he said its easier that way. instead of having to go buy calling cards that dont really last an hour and stuff like that. so thats probably what will happen is when it comes down to it ill send the number to you guys and tell you what time to call me and we can do that little chatt then.
i miss you all.. i hope everything is going well and everyone is happy! keep reading your scriptures and being examples!

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