Monday, September 10, 2012

66 days left!

hey how are you all doing??
well i hope you had a great week. we have just been working. we dont have a lot of investigators right now. this last week took a lot out of me walking a lot all around because we havent been able to get in a lot with people and everyone is getting back from vacations but they start school this week so its been just as bad haha .but once schedules start working out and stuff. but no worries we are doing weellll.

so my companion is a champ he is getting ready to finish in 3 weeks so its been just trying to get stuff going so that i cacn get a new comp next transfer and get stuff going with him before i come home. jerez is a struggle there are so many crazy people here haha we just deal with some strange people on a daily b asis sometimes contacting is really fun cause you really never know what kind of people you are going to get in contact with haha. but we are getting along fine. we actually have a lot in commong and he is funny cause he normally talks and its just monotone and so he tries to get excited and stuff  but its jsut no change in his voice but he is funny. we get along great. i have been lucky even though i have had a lot of different companions recently in the last transfers i havent had problems with them and we have been really great friends with them and so we are just partying and trying to help people . 4 man pisos are the best in the mission we are jyst doing great and having fun i dont know what else to say. haha.

well i hope that this week is amazing for you guys. keep moving forward and being true to you. you guys are the best i love you!

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