Monday, September 17, 2012

59 days left

So apparently my school internet is not letting me access blogspot anymore. So I am sorry that this is so late but Brad was also late in sending it to me. But it's a good one.  Of course, he sent me a different email asking about things like a phone when he gets home.  So that is our life now! Haha!

first of all, something that caught my attention from moms email that i wanted to share with you all. mom said that she went and cleaned the church went to the temple took cars and abs to the fair and then went to stake conference.......... it was so nice to see that there are people that do that. we are struggling with people out here doing the basics right now of reading and praying and coming to church- the church is always dirty and the members just complain. it was just nice to know that even though we are trying and stuff that there are people that can still do their duties.

it really just called my attention, this last week was good we are finding a lot of new investigators.. i think since i have been here we have found 12 new investigators which is just under what they want us to have. Elder staples with elder keller the transfer before got 25 news.. but they just arent ones we get back into contact with they just fall of the face of the earth and that has been frustrating for us and we have been trying to keep moving forward with it. but i dont know its been hard finding people willing to listen and teaching and then not being able to get back in touch with them. 

then with a lot of the recent converts they arent keeping their coventants from baptism. problems with things like the word of wisdom and the likes. well some have been doing good. but they ahve been going to the leaders and members for help and no one is really helping them we have been getting people to try and do their visits for home teaching and stuff and we got a couple of the recent converts to do it and really its been a blessing that they have been doing it because it has gotten the ball rolling with a couple of the people as far as members to do it. we used the talk from how the one bishop got the primary to pay tithing to help the ward pay their tithing and use the examples of that to help others wellllll we thought of that with the recent converts and the blessings that have come from that have been good people that havent been visited in 3 years are getting visits and its been nice to see the blessings of that. we feel that if they just did it and helped out then so many of the problems that are going on wouldnt be problems and we wouldnt be worrying about so many things as a ward. ....

but really besides the challenges that we have been going through we had a really cool lesson last night with a family they have been struggling as a family in doing the basics and wanted to know how to get better faith and they wanted to know what they needed to do we told them that they werent reading or praying or going to church like they should and honestly they were surprised to think that that would be a change that they needed to make and we set up with them how they are going to need to do it. and we set up every night before they eat to pray and read for 5 minutes and then end with a prayer to bless the food. and to see the humility in them to accept to do this and other things that were so basic really was cool to see the change come over them and to know that everything will be alright if they just did what the lord asked them to do. they dont want to fall away and i know that if they do this and get their testimonies stronger that it will be a big change in the ward and what we need. 

thats just a little bit of whats been going on lately. we are doing fine. still looking like crazy for people to teach and help. i hope you guys enjoy the dedication of the temple and all of that!!! i love you all!! have a great week!

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